Softelle Period Tracker App

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Why use Softelle Period Tracker?

Easy to use

Easily helps and assists you to keep track of your period, cycle, ovulation and the chance of pregnancy.

Professionals’ experience

50+ gynecologists’ professional experience is combined to help the app calculate the best menstrual cycle predictions.

Best predictions – based on your own body

Your unique cycles will help the app calculate based on what is normal for your own and unique body. The more you use Softelle the better predictions it will give you to make your life easier.

Modern look, easy use, no ads.

Want to know where your cycle is at this point?

You have PMS symptoms but you cannot realize them?

Are you at the fertile days of your cycle? Or should you prepare for your upcoming period? Or is it late already?

Your gynecologist is asking about your last cycles or period and you want to give the right answers to make the diagnosis better?

You want to get preagnant or trying to avoid it?

Sometimes you forget to take your pills?

… than Softelle Period Tracker App is the solution for you!

Most important functions:
– Informative overview figure about your current cycle to know where you are and what to expect.
– Calendar function where you can make your own notes.
– Cycle history with detailed list.
– Customizable reminders setting for everything you just do not want to keep in your head.
– PIN setting – to keep your data secret.
– Private account that you can reach from all your devices.
– No ads.